Huge Win On Bees!!!

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The Knighty NI

Huge Win On Bees!!!

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von The Knighty NI » 06.05.2013 23:58

Hi everyone here at RNA World. This email came into my inbox yesterday and I wanted to thank everybody here who took the trouble to lend your support to the very important issue of protecting the worlds bees and their compatriots Bumble bees and other pollinators.

This win gives a significant breathing space for scientists to attempt to find ways to find answers to bee health and find answers to the most pressing of bee diseases. If you have seen other posts of mine you will understand why I believe this to be such an important win.

Anyway onto the email which is copied below in full except for the usual signatures which inclued my personal email address. The body of the text includes links to various articles on bees and bee health.

Dear amazing Avaaz community,

We did it -- Europe just banned bee-killing pesticides!! Mega-corporations like Bayer threw everything they had at this, but people-power, science and good governance came out on top!!

Bee "die in" at Bayer's headquarters, Cologne
Vanessa Amaral-Rogers from the specialist conservation organisation Buglife, says:

?It was a close vote, but thanks to a massive mobilisation by Avaaz members, beekeepers, and others, we won! I have no doubt that the floods of phonecalls and emails to ministers, the actions in London, Brussels and Cologne, and the giant petition with 2.6 million signers made this result possible. Thank you Avaaz, and everyone who worked so hard to save bees!?
Bees pollinate two thirds of all our food -- so when scientists noticed that silently, they were dying at a terrifying rate, Avaaz swung in to action, and we kept on swinging until we won. This week?s victory is the result of two years of flooding ministers with messages, organizing media-grabbing protests with beekeepers, funding opinion polls and much, much more. Here?s how we did it, together:

Keeping France strong. In January 2011, 1 million people sign our call to France to uphold its ban on deadly neonicotinoid pesticides. Avaaz members and beekeepers meet the French agriculture minister and fill the airwaves, pressing him to face down fierce industry lobbying and keep the ban, sending a strong signal to other European countries.?

Bernie, the huge inflatable bee, helps deliver our 2.6m strong petition to Brussels
Tackling industry head on. Bayer has faced Avaaz and allies protesting at its last three annual meetings. The pesticide giant's managers and investors are welcomed by beekeepers, loud buzzing, and massive banners with our 1 million plus call on them to suspend use of neonicotinoids until scientists reviewed their effect on bees. Avaaz even makes a presentation inside the meeting, but Bayer says 'no'.

Making the science count. In January the European Food Safety Agency finds that three pesticides pose unacceptable risks to bees, and we jump in to ensure Europe's politicians respond to their scientific experts. Our petition quickly grows to 2 million signatures. After many talks with EU decision-makers, Avaaz delivers our call right to the EU HQ in Brussels. Later that same day, the Commission proposes a two-year ban!

Beekeepers help deliver our massive petition to Downing Street
Seizing our chance. The battle to save the bees heats up in February and March. Across the EU, Avaaz members are ready to respond as all 27 EU countries decide whether to welcome or block the proposal. When farming giants UK and Germany say they won't vote yes, Avaaz publishes public opinion polls showing huge majorities of Brits and Germans in favour of the ban. Avaaz members also send almost half a million emails to EU Agriculture Ministers. Apparently afraid of dealing with citizens rather than industry lobbyists, UK minister Owen Paterson complains of a ?cyber-attack?, which journalists turn into a story in our favour! And then comes Bernie -- our 6 metre bee in Brussels -- a powerful visual way to deliver our petition as negotiations enter the final stages. Journalists flock to Bernie, and we hear we've helped get the Spanish ministry to look harder at the science and shift position . But we didn't get the majority we needed to pass the ban.

Bernie the bee featured in The Independent
Turning the red light green. In April the bee-saving proposal is sent to an Appeals Committee, giving us a glimmer of hope if we can switch a few more countries' positions. In the final sprint, Avaaz teams up with groups including Environmental Justice Foundation, Friends of the Earth and Pesticides Action Network, plus beekeepers and famous bee-loving fashion designers to organise an action outside the UK Parliament. In Germany, beekeepers launch their own Avaaz petition to their government, signed by over 150,000 Germans in just two days and delivered in Cologne soon after. More phone calls rain down on ministries in different capitals as Avaaz responds to a last-minute wrecking amendment by Hungary, and positions Bernie the bee again in Brussels. Pesticide companies xxx adverts in the airport to catch arriving officials, and take to the airwaves suggesting other measures such as planting wild flowers. But their slick messaging machine is ignored, first Bulgaria then -- the big prize -- Germany switch their stances and this week we win, with over half of EU countries voting for the ban!

It?s been a long haul, to get this win, and it wouldn't have been possible without scientists, specialists, sympathetic officials, beekeepers and our campaign partners. We can be proud of what we've helped to accomplish together.

One strong bees advocate, Paul de Zylva, head of the Pesticides and Pollinators Unit at Friends of the Earth said:

"Thanks to millions of Avaaz members who mobilised online and in the streets. Without a doubt Avaaz's massive petition and creative campaigning helped push this over the edge, complementing our work and that of other NGOs."

It's time to celebrate this breathing space for one of the earth's most precious and important creatures. But the EU ban is only in place for 2 years pending further review. And around the world bees continue to die from the pesticides which weaken and confuse them, as well as from loss of habitat as we plough up and build over the countryside. In Europe and across the world there's lots of work to do to ensure sound science guides our farming and environmental policies. And we're just the community for the job.

With hope and happiness,

Ricken, Iain, Joseph, Emily, Alex, Michelle, Aldine, Julien, Anne, Christoph and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS: Let's keep this going -- chip in to ensure we can launch rapid-fire, multi-tactic campaigns on the issues we all care about: ... db&v=24665

PPS: Many Avaaz campaigns -- like the German beekeeper one this month -- are started by individuals or groups of members. Just click here to see how easy it is to start yours right now: ... ion/?rba13


The bees story, and Avaaz's role, have been mentioned in hundreds of articles. Here's a small selection:

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Historic vote to ban neonicotinoid pesticides blamed for huge decline in bees (The Independent) ... 91807.html

EU to ban pesticides linked to bee decline (Al Jazeera) ... 40126.html

European Union imposes ban on pesticides linked to bee deaths (RFI)
? ... bee-deaths

EU to ban bee-killing pesticides (EU Observer)


In other news regarding my quest to become a commercial bee keeper, in the near future I will be moving to a region of Wales that is close to two very important areas for food growing and within a 2 hour drive. The aim is to set up about 40 working hives by the end of this year. Then year on year for the next five years to increase the number of working hives by about 40 per annum.

This weekend I visited a place called Blaeneinion. You can see an Ariel view if you follow the link below. Its a young project to reforest the area with perma-culture below the trees. The majority of the trees being put in are deciduous which are great for bees. Due to the value the project is putting back into the eco culture of this world I have chosen to join them and live and work with them on a full time basis. As a group they are very excited about me bringing bees to the project.

If anyone would like to come over for a few days and help with tree planting on a voluntary basis we would love to meet you, have a few drinks with you and enjoy a laugh around the bonfire after a hard days planting :D .,- ... 4&t=h&z=16

Once again a big thank you to everyone who has supported campaigns to save the bees. You all deserve an big hug and pat on the back in appreciation.

Kind regards

Greg AKA The Knighty Ni.

Thomas R
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Re: Huge Win On Bees!!!

#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von Thomas R » 07.05.2013 07:03

Hi Greg

Yesterday are running doku´s about the bee-disseas over hours on "arte HD" and I asked my self what I can do.
Thank you for the links to Avaaz and the petition. I´ve given my vote.


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Re: Huge Win On Bees!!!

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Re: Huge Win On Bees!!!

#4 Ungelesener Beitrag von robertmiles » 09.08.2013 01:10

I've read of something else that is dangerous to bees: If high fructose corn syrup is heated past a certain temperature during manufacture or transport (and it often is), pairs of the fructose molecules combine into a more complex sugar that is toxic to bees. Therefore, any leftovers of beverages made using high fructose corn syrup should be disposed of in such a way that bees cannot find them.

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Re: Huge Win On Bees!!!

#5 Ungelesener Beitrag von Angelo » 06.08.2016 09:12

Was this in response to "where have all the bees gone?". I think it's great because I have seen a big decline in how many bees have been in my garden of the past 10 years or so.
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Re: Huge Win On Bees!!!

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Maybe. It's been too many years since I wrote that to remember.


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