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The contents of the domain Rechenkraft.net results from a cooperation of teams and associations. On this page the cooperating teams and associations are listed in alphabetical order.


img_src=Bild:Nl_logo1605.gif img_width=100px img_height=20px wikipage=Nordlichter </linkedimage>


img_src=Bild:RKNeV Logo-1.jpg img_width=120px img_height=83px wikipage=Verein:Rechenkraft.net e.V. </linkedimage>

Rechenkraft.net e.V. - Association for the promotion of education, research and science through the use of networked computers

img_src=Bild:SaR_Hessen.jpg img_width=100px img_height=23px wikipage=SaR-Hessen </linkedimage>

SaR-Hessen - BOINC Team Science and Research Hessen

img_src=Bild:SG_banner_w_klein.gif img_width=150px img_height=30px wikipage=SETI.Germany </linkedimage>


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