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SETI@home (also known as SETI@home II, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the search for extraterrestrial life form) is the successor of the most well-known DC project SETI@home Classic and should differ in essentials from its predecessor. Even today, with a 50% share of all (!) BOINC credits, it is by far the largest BOINC project. The output surpasses the second-ranked World Community Grid by a good 300%.

SETI@home Classic uses the Radio Telescope in Arecibo for about 1/3 of the observed sky, but only on the Northern Hemisphere. For SETI@home II the use of the Parkes Observatory in Australia is planed. It is the largest radio telescope in the southern hemisphere.

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Project overview

InfoIcon.png SETI@home
Name SETI@home
Category Astrophysik/en
Goal Find alien signals
Commercial   nein

United States01.gif    This project is conducted in California, USA.

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin June 26th, 2004
End still active

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Operating Systems

Icon windows 16.png   Windows Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon linux 16.png   Linux Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon linux 16.png   Linux 64bit Checkbox 1.gif  
Android.jpg   Android Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon raspberri pi 16.jpeg   Raspberry Pi Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon dos 16.png   DOS Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon macos 16.png   MacOS X Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon freebsd 16.png   BSD Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon solaris 16.png   Solaris Checkbox 1.gif  
NVIDIA.gif   CUDA Checkbox 1.gif   Only on Windows
Logo opencl.png   NVIDIA.gif   OpenCL Checkbox 1.gif  
Logo opencl.png   Atistream.png   OpenCL Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon solaris 16.png   Open Source Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon java 16.png   Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif  

Client properties

works also with proxy Checkbox 1.gif
program can be executed normally Checkbox 1.gif
can be used as screensaver Checkbox 1.gif
commandline version available Checkbox 1.gif
personal Proxy for work units available   Checkbox 1.gif
work units can be exchanged also by email Checkbox 0.gif
source code is available Checkbox 0.gif
can be used offline Checkbox 1.gif
checkpoints Checkbox 1.gif

Special features of the client

Unlike the client from the predecessor project SETI@home Classic now no longer a highly specialized client program is used but an open framework called BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing).

BOINC denotes the entire infrastructure (i.e., the necessary servers for project operation, creating WUs and calculating statistics) as well as the software, all the typical tasks of Distributed computing projects (distribution of WUs, Validate results, statistics, etc.). The actual client for the project contains only the scientific routines.

This structuring of the software makes it easy and a simple way to support other projects as well. Among other things an additional project called AstroPulse is calculated on this platform. Users can set whether SETI@home or Astropulse or both to be calculated.

WU information

Name RAM Duration Deadline Disk Space Download Upload Minimal requirements
setiathome_enhanced 5.28  32 MB  bis 14 h (AMDX2 32bit 3,0 GHz)  bis 3 Wochen  MB MB MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser

Duration is the average computing time needed, having the CPU clocked at the variable.
Deadline is the timespan, within which the Work unit needs to be finished.


SETI@home uses the BOINC infrastructure. The registration, installation and configuration are described in the user manual.

Switching from SETI Classic

Published versions

  • 10.06.2009: Astropulse v505 5.05 (Windows)
  • 21.01.2009: setiathome enhanced 6.08 (cuda) (CUDA unter Windows)
  • 19.07.2007: setiathome enhanced 5.22 (MacOS X)
  • 13.06.2006: setiathome enhanced 5.18 (MacOS X)
  • 19.05.2006: setiathome enhanced 5.15 (Windows)
  • 12.05.2006: setiathome enhanced 5.13 (MacOS X)

Die aktuellen Versionen findet man here



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