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Names beginning with O

Last updated 20 Sep 2021 1:25:06 UTC

Outlaw308 ("TheOutlaw308 :)")
ova ("[url=http://www.boinc-af.org/][img]http://perso.orange.fr/jmdish/AFRAIDyoyo.gif[/img][/url] ")
opaauer ("Mitglied von Seti.Germany und der SPEG. Seti.Germany ist das größte deutsche Team bei...")
Orakk ("Knowledge is the key to solutions. ")
OllerSeebaer ("Zur Zeit bin ich Student in Flensburg und versuche einen Bachelor für...")
Ousermaatre ("Hi everbody I'm swiss, live in Geneva. I'm 34 years old. I try to crunch with...")
Ondra@SpaceFamily.CZ ("Hi, people! I´m young man from Czech Republic (---Zdravím všechny krajany---), who...")
olegs ("I am psychologist and architect. I studied engineering and Latin at Cornell University. I...")
Odicin ("Member of BOINC Confederation")
ONE ("HELLO everybody,i am guanxing from China.i am glad to participate in a join project of...")

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