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Names beginning with B

Last updated 20 Sep 2021 1:25:06 UTC

Bohne2k7 ("Mein Profil ist hier:...")
BOINC*Zappattazz*Synergy ("[b][size=24][color=red]YOYO![/color][/size][/b]")
Barbud [USA] ("Biomedical Site Manager - CBET")
Bad2daBone ("[img]http://www.boincstats.com/signature/user_857279.gif[/img][img]http://www.boincstats.com/signature/team_40_project-1.gif[/img]")
Blazzer ("well i live in Sydney, Australia . im currently 23yo i work in a wholesale nursery as...")
blackdeath ("Hi, i\'m a 25 year old boy from Germany. I\'m interested in many sciences, i read a lot,...")
Bruno G. Olsen & ESEA @ greenholt ("I'm a 33 year old web-programmer, and live in Denmark. I spend alot of my time with my...")
Bobi Chips ("Dreamer and Workaholic Spending spare time for Health, Knowledge and Happiness on energy...")
Bill-af ("Bonjour, je suis membre des XTC (Xtrem-Team-Cruncher)qui est une mini-team de l'Alliance...")
blackheeler ("BOINCing on the west coast of Australia! ")

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