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Forenthread -Thommy3 15:07, 5. Mär 2008 (CET)

Ende in Sicht

Hier die Nachricht aus dem Froum mit den Links, damit die nicht verloren gehen, wenn die Seite off genommen wird.

ATTENTION - Cels@Home will be shutting down

Unfortunately, we are going to have to stop the Cels@Home project.

The project may start up again in the future, but if it does, the new server will have a different url name.

We are going to run one last set of jobs before we stop, however, issuing workunits until about 3 May. We expect to keep this server running for some time after that, collecting the results of these jobs for analysis, and keeping the message board open.

We wish to thank you all for your contributions to the calculations we have been able to do so far.

Some more details...

I personally will have to stop working on this project after 10 May. Since I have been doing the technical work, this means the project will have to be shut down.

Cels@Home might start up again in the future. If it does, it will be run directly from the University of Texas network, and so the new project would have a different url name. In any case, this particular server, namely http://cels-at-home-dev.dyndns.org, will be shut down permanently.

If the project does start up again in the future, there will probably be information available at: http://www.engr.utexas.edu/bme/faculty/zaman/ , although I don't expect any imminent news.

We will try and run one last set of jobs, before we shut down. We expect to keep sending out workunits until about 3 May. After that, we will stop issuing new jobs, but we will still collect the results of the jobs we have sent out, which will be analyzed. The server should stay up for some time after that, but it won't have any new workunits.

Some people have asked about source code for this project, I will still try and make this available, but it will now become source code for a dormant project.

Thanks again to all,

- Mark Kness and the Cels@Home team.

-Thommy3 14:44, 24. Apr 2008 (CEST)

Cels@Home Webseiten nicht erreichbar

Ich kann die Seiten von Cels@Home nicht erreichen. Ich habe nach Neuigkeiten über Cels@Home recherchiert aber da ist wohl schon lange nichts mehr passiert (~5 Monate). So wie es aussieht existiert das Projekt nicht mehr. Wenn die Seiten auch in den nächsten Wochen/Monaten nicht erreichbar sind sollte der Status auf inaktiv/beendet gesetzt werden. --blackdeath 01:43, 10. Sep. 2009 (CEST)