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8 Dec 2017 Perfect Cuboid 1st Batch finish
Now we are close to 1st Batch ending. For those who's interested, what's next, we inform, after complete validation of 0-250 range we are going to publish a new app version which will be goaled to Perfect cuboids search only. Thus it's 7 times faster than the current is, so we expect that the next goal - 251 will be achieved quick enough.
Stay tuned!

27 Nov 2017 Perfect Cuboid 10T range finished
We've successfully completed the 0-10T range verification. As was expected, we found a lot of cuboids there:
54'761 edge cuboids
94'501 face cuboids
228'198 imaginary cuboids
1'132'380 twilight cuboids
A total of 1'509'840 different cuboids. The most fortunate were users year02 and krzyszp who snatched the jackpot and found
7'241 edge cuboids
11'341 face cuboids
27'719 imaginary cuboids
138'903 twilight cuboids
thanks to just a one, the very first task.

11 Nov 2017 Enhanced statistics for the Siever app
On the Siever status page you see now on which base we are working and how they are progressing.

10 Nov 2017 Perfect Cuboid: Starting skipped range with more cuboids
In the Perfect Cuboid subproject we have added per user statistics of found cuboids, as well as subproject status page was extended by the common statistics. 11 November at 11:11 UTC we are going to launch the 0-10T range which we skipped from the beginning, which contains almost the same amount of cuboids we've already discovered, and throw out 4 times shorter tasks to give an opportunity for all concerned users to put into the personal statistics a large number of cuboids. So, don't miss the start time.

07 Nov 2017 P73 record number found with gmp-ecm
For the ECM repunit project user astroboylok found a 73 digit prime. This number will make it into the largest primes list ever found with gmp-ecm.


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