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14 Oct 2017 Join for a drink in Athens, Greece?
I'm currently in Athens, Greece. If somebody wants to go out for a drink, drop me a message, e.g. in our forum.

14 Oct 2017 Siever for Linux 64
The Siever application is now also availabel for Linux 64.

14 Oct 2017 Siever: Cancel of latest batch
This morning we had a problem with our database. Therefore, I had to cancel the workunits of the latest Siever batch.Sorry for the inconvenience.

9 Oct 2017 Siever: New subproject
In our new subproject we produce Sieve Files for the CRUS-project. We are sieving for Riesel/Sierpinski to b conjectures where b<1030. (Form: k*bn-/+1). Sieve files are needed to start testing for primes.
First test tasks are already running.

23 Sept 2017 Collatz: Search finished
After less than one and a half months (14 August to 23 September), we were able to successfully complete our search project:

  • We have found all the smaller path records as well as all starting numbers <260, whose maximum > 2 * 1016 * starting number (only such numbers are given as candidates) which were found by other persons (mainly Tomas Olivera e Silva and Eric Roosendaal); and thus validate our approach in the opposite direction.
  • We have found 4 new path records and have been able to prove that all starting numbers <87 * 260 (in particular also all <1020) land at 1 and pass into the trivial cycle.
  • Thus, we have also shown that a non-trivial cycle must consist of more than 17 billion sequence members


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