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9 Dec 2016 ecm application improvements
I'm working on changes of the ecm application to handle larger B1 values for the elliptic curves and which runs only one curve and stage 1 and 2 in separated workunits. This allows us to attack an additional range of composites.

Most changes on the backend are already done. But now the ecm application needs to be changed. Therefore no new workunits are issued. In the next days only resent and test wokunits will be available. The new workunits will have a P1 or P2 postfix.


2 Sep 2016 ecm xyyxf finally achieved t50
The xyyxf project has finally achieved t50 (B1=43e6) on all composites. We found some prime factors or fully factored some composites. Now the project has started to enqueue numbers to partial/full t55 (B1=11e7). Most of these numbers will be ready for SNFS once we complete them. A few will likely complete ECM as soon as this weekend, with a steady stream of NFS ready composites expected thereafter. They will go to NFS@home to get them fully factored.

2 Sep 2016 Server replaced
Last month we had 2 crashes of the server. The server just powerd off. We saw no software reason for it. Some capacitors looked strange. So we placed the disks into a new server.

2 April 2016 We accept Gridcoin donations

We accept now also Gridcoin donations to S74YbWsfW2qW2mHbw7SYfPi7PyMLtz6hV8. For other donation options, check our donation page.

15 Feb 2016 Need your vote!
Our FabLab in Marburg, Germany is one of the projects of the Google Impact Challenge. I would really appreciate if you could vote for it (the green button).

Much thanks, yoyo!


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