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hey, my name is André, i am from germany, but my heart and my units are crunching for Thailand. Long live the King!!!


22 July 2015 OGR: new work available
The distributed.net central key master is back online and our personal proxy fills with stubs. The workunit generator is now able to produce fresh OGR workunits.

16 July 2015 OGR: Out Of Work
The distributed.net central key master has a hardware problem since 9. of July. No new OGR stubs are submitted any more. In the last days I still had stubs in my personal proxy which is used to generate Boinc workunits. But now my personal proxy is also empty. There will be no new workunits generated until the central key master comes back online.
See also bovines blog posting.

06 July 2015 Harmonious Tree
We need to rerun some Harmonious Tree workunits. If you need some points there, now is your chance to catch some.

11 June 2015 Muon update
Check the forum entry from the author for an update of the project. I'll keep the project running with a lower weight.

29 May 2015 evolution@home update
Check the evolution@home website for an update of the author Laurence Loewe, who is currently at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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