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Hola, soy MioTraGus y conocí la computación distribuída a principios de siglo.
Desde un principio me pareció una buena idea el que se...


2 Nov 2014 OGR: 1,000,000,000 GNodes
The Boinc team tested now 1,003,453,991 GNodes of the distributed.net OGR project. This is 11.9% of the whole project.

23 Oct 2014 Bitcoin Donations
You can send donations now also via Bitcoin to our Bitcoin address. Infos on our donation page.

10 Oct 2014 OWS: Deadline reduced to 5 days
The OWS project goes to it's end. Therefore I reduced the deadline to 5 days.

22 August 2014 ECM: CullenWoodall Status
Several people and organizations have completed many factorizations, all important. The most welcome one from Paul Leyland's point of view, though, has to be that of 2,951-.C290 which has been the Most Wanted Number for over ten years. It was the last virgin (i.e. no known prime factors) in the base 2 tables. The factorization into p63 * p227 was found by yoyo@home on the 16th.

14 April 2014 OWS: Optimized Version for Sandybridge
We released an optimized version for Intel Sandybridge architecture. Read more about it in our forum.


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