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Retired at 53, I spend my time fishing, reading, and crunching for various distributed computing projects. Crunch for the best - BOINC Synergy.


01 Mar 2015 Android 5 version released
We released an app version which runs on Android 5 (codename Lollipop). This app is now a position independent executable (PIE) which is the standard for Android 5. If you have a new smartphone or tablet, be sure to check them out.

23 Feb 2015 OddWeirdSearch finished
Thank you so much for your support to yoyo@home and to Odd Weird Search! We just completed the current batch on numbers lower than 1028 with excess (or abundance) at most 1014. In this batch, we released about 230000 workunits, and we have checked 4323850414816 = 4.3*1012 abundant numbers for their "weirdness". This will take about 150 years on a single core, so we could not possibly accomplish it without you!

Read the complete report here.

19 Feb 2015 One Year OGR-28
It is now one year that the OGR-28 project started and yoyo@home user contributes to it. So far the project finished 4.92% of all Gnodes. At the current throughput the project might finish in 2025. But we don't know about future stubs which are sent out. They might be smaller or bigger. Additionally computing power will increase in the next years. So there is a big chance to finish the project much earlier. Much thanks to all your spent CPU cycles! -yoyo-

11 Feb 2015 Android 5: work in progress
Our Android Arm applications are currently not running on Android 5 devices. For Android 5 we have to deliver position independent executables (PIE). We are working on it. The first tests we will run in our test project yafu@home. We appreciate every Android device which is attached to yafu@home so we have many different device types and Android versions for our first public tests once the application is available.

2 Nov 2014 OGR: 1,000,000,000 GNodes
The Boinc team tested now 1,003,453,991 GNodes of the distributed.net OGR project. This is 11.9% of the whole project.


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