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06 July 2015 Harmonious Tree
We need to rerun some Harmonious Tree workunits. If you need some points there, now is your chance to catch some.

11 June 2015 Muon update
Check the forum entry from the author for an update of the project. I'll keep the project running with a lower weight.

29 May 2015 evolution@home update
Check the evolution@home website for an update of the author Laurence Loewe, who is currently at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

17 May 2015 Thanks to Pentathlon teams
Thanks to all Pentathlon teams. The computing power during the race was roughly 5 times more then before. 250 teams, 9122 user and 15477 computer were active in the last days.

01 Mar 2015 Android 5 version released
We released an app version which runs on Android 5 (codename Lollipop). This app is now a position independent executable (PIE) which is the standard for Android 5. If you have a new smartphone or tablet, be sure to check them out.


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