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Hi, my name is Lucas, I'm 32 years old and I live in Plock, Poland. I've discovered BOINC in July 2006 and became boincaholic since 20 Aug 2006.


11 Jan 2017 ECM@ARM error, you need more swap
Since ECM runs also on ARM I see many error on such systems. Thosesystems are mostly small single board systems as Raspberry Pi or Odroids. They have many cores but less RAM and mostly no swap. The ECM wokunits consume less RAM at the beginning but after some time require adhoc 1 or 2 GB of RAM. Boinc can handle it but not so fast as the RAM is allocated and running multiple ECM workunits in parallel makes it worse. They often allocate much RAM at the same time.


Configure more swap in your system. Consider the old rule swap size = 2 times RAM for systems up to 2 GB. Here a tutorial how to create more swap space: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-add-swap-on-ubuntu-14-04#check-available-space-on-the-hard-drive-partition

4 Jan 2017 ECM: native apps for ARM
Since some days native ECM apps are available for ARM 64 and 32 bit Linux systems. No need anymore to install gmp-ecm package.

23 Dec 2016 ECM: double credits for P2 workunits
The ecm P2 workunits require up to 10 GB RAM. Because of this they get double credits.
Systems with less RAM should not get them.

21 Dec 2016 ECM: new version 700.02 for 64 bit Windows
On 64 bit Windows version 700.02 is twice as fast as version 700.01. You should cancel all 700.01 tasks to get version 700.02.

19 Dec 2016 OGR 25% done
Over the weekend, we passed 25% of the total work required to prove OGR-28. Also, we opened the 18-x stub space. :) Thank you for all of your efforts.


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