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I am from a suburb of Chicago, IL in the US. I am 26 and a Benefits Administration Analyst. I enjoy collecting coins, riding my motorcycle, and...


30 March 2020 4 entries in ECMNET top 10 for year 2020
Congratulations to user Crashtest, Henric and nenym. Their found prime numbers are in the ECMNET top 10 for year 2020.

23 Dec 2019 Project description for Siever and M Queens
The missing description for Siever and M Queens was added. Now also features like checkpointing an progress indicator are described.

07 Oct 2019 New app ecm P2
For our ecm P2 memory monster (which require up to 10 GB free RAM) we have now an own application. In the project settings you can choose to run this app or not.

07 Oct 2019 P67 found with ecm
User Peter Baetz found a 67 digit prime with ecm. This number went into the top 10 of the largest found prime factors with ecm for the year 2019.

12 July 2019 M Queens for arm64
We released now also a M Queens app for arm64.


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