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20 June 2023 P73 ECM factor!
User ccurtis0 found a 73-digit prime factor of an XYYXF number using ECM. This is another entry into the ECMNET top 10 list for this year!

12 May 2023 Amazing ECM factor!
User Favebook found a 77-digit prime factor of an Homogeneous Cunningham number using ECM. This is by far the largest factor found anywhere by ECM this year, and is the 4th largest ever. Very exciting!
This was a very lucky find (about a 1 in 28.3 million chance for a single curve).

6 May 2023 2 factors found by Pentathlon
The next 2 factors were found by the BOINC Pentathlon, a 55 digit factor by JayPi2 of team SETI.Germany anda 58 digit factor by biodoc of team TeAm AnandTech.

2 May 2023 Welcome Pentathlon
The ECM and ECM P2 projects were choosen by the BOINC Pentathlon in the discipline Obstacle Run. Many user are already downloading lot of workunits and some return already. Credits are not yet counted for the Pentathlon, but we already have a noteworthy result, a 65 digit prime was found. This was sent to Paul Zimmermann to fill his list of ecm records.

19 March 2023 M Queens 27 additional workunits
We have to process some additional workunits. Some returned already.


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