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19 April 2018 Perfect Cuboid 3rd Batch status
If a perfect cuboid exists, its body diagonal exceeds 252.

30 Jan 2018 Perfect Cuboid 2nd Batch finished
We finished our 2nd batch of Perfect Cuboid workunits. Result so far: If a perfect cuboid exists, its body diagonal exceeds 251.

21 Jan 2018 Siever update
In the last days the siever app was updated. With this update we can run now also sr2sieve tasks. A first sr2sieve batch was already distributed. The names of such workunits starts with sr2. A next batch of sr2 workunits will be distributed in the next 7 days.

6 Jan 2018 Siever for aarch64
The Siever app is now also available for 64 bit Linux systems running on ARM.

6 Jan 2018 Perfect Cuboid: New Version
Perfect Cuboid continues with a new version for 64 bit Windows, Linux and ARM. We are checking now up to 251.


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