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We, the members of the non-profit association e.V. want to use the computing power of idle pcs in German federal bureaucracy, public institutions and universities for the benefit of science. As a first step, we filed this petition in which we demand the Bundestag (German parliament) to take steps for a law to implement distributed computing in the non-security sensitive computers of public facilities.

The more people sign this petition until 06.01.2009, the higher our weight in parliament will be. 50.000 petitioners during the first three weeks would allow us to present our ideas at the committee for petitions in the Bundestag itself.

This is the petition translated:

Text of Petition

The German Bundestag may decide, to use the computing capacities of German public institutions, in non-security-sensitive areas for the aim of public science and development.


Science and development nowadays are often based on the use of software simulations. The founding of the D-Grid-initiative raised the available capacities in Germany a lot but are far from being sufficient. By the use of distributed computing or grid computing, it will be possible to connect tens of thousands of idle PCs in public institutions and deploy them for public science. Compared to the possible achievements, costs will be insignificant.

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