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Evaluation of Yoyo@home (January 2010) (Deutsch ja.gif   Deutsch)

Evaluation took place in 4 categories, each awarding credits ranging from 0 to 5 points, and an overall rating. We had employed an evaluation board of 7 people, the (rounded) average was used. evaluations.

Category 1: Reliability

Yoyo@home can generally score because of it's reliability and stability. With one exception, in the beta phase, there were no problems with any applications and everything was running perfect, whether 32 or 64 bits.

Yoyo@home scores 5 points in this category.

Category 2: Communication policy

It was very well received that the project operator itself is always available on IRC, email or forum and quickly takes care of the problems. However, it was also criticized, that there is only an insufficient description of the respective projects.

Yoyo@home scores 5 points in this category.

Category 3: Instructions

Unfortunately, the Yoyo@home website is exclusively on english. Also, more guidance for beginners would be appropriate. An experienced user should, however, have no problems.

Yoyo@home scores 4 points in this category.

Category 4: Benefit for the general public

It's easy for Yoyo, since he himself has no real science department and that he must not check the results. But it is not deniability that through the BOINC integration the respective projects can benefit from a massive increase in computing power.

Yoyo@home scores 4 points in this category.

Overall Rating

We consider Yoyo@home to be one of the most recommendable DC-project. Deficits are only in the outer form.

Yoyo@home therefore scores 5 points in overall rating.