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YAFU is a alpha project, which main goal is

  • to test the latest BOINC server code for bugs, please report any error which you find in the webpages in the forum
  • to factorize numbers up to 140 digit length which are needed to bring Aliquot Sequences to a size of at least 140.
  • to test the latest versions of yafu.

This project awards badges of honor, in short "badges":

Application Bronze Silver Gold Amethyst Turqoise Sapphire Ruby Emerald
yafu-small ysmall_bronze.png ysmall_silver.png ysmall_gold.png ysmall_amethyst.png ysmall_turquoise.png ysmall_sapphire.png ysmall_ruby.png ysmall_emerald.png
yafu y_bronze.png y_silver.png y_gold.png y_amethyst.png y_turquoise.png y_sapphire.png y_ruby.png y_emerald.png
yafu-4t y4t_bronze.png y4t_silver.png y4t_gold.png y4t_amethyst.png y4t_turquoise.png y4t_sapphire.png y4t_ruby.png y4t_emerald.png
yafu-8t y8t_bronze.png y8t_silver.png y8t_gold.png y8t_amethyst.png y8t_turquoise.png y8t_sapphire.png y8t_ruby.png y8t_emerald.png
yafu-16t y16t_bronze.png y16t_silver.png y16t_gold.png y16t_amethyst.png y16t_turquoise.png y16t_sapphire.png y16t_ruby.png y16t_emerald.png
yafu-32t y32t_bronze.png y32t_silver.png y32t_gold.png y32t_amethyst.png y32t_turquoise.png y32t_sapphire.png y32t_ruby.png y32t_emerald.png
yafu-total total_bronze.png total_silver.png total_gold.png total_amethyst.png total_turquoise.png total_sapphire.png total_ruby.png total_emerald.png

Project overview

InfoIcon.png YAFU
Category Mathematik/en
Goal Factorization of digits (aliquot sequences >140 digits)
Commercial   nein
Homepage yafu.myfirewall.org/yafu/

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin 2011
End still active
Germany01.gif    This project is being conducted in Germany.


Yafu has 6 Apps.

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