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With this project United Devices wanted to ascertain vaccines against Smallpox. According to United Devices', results should only be available to the U.S Department of Defense and allied countries.

Actually, Smallpox are being considered exterminated since the end of the 1970s, because of the immense campaign the WHO did in 1977. In december 1979 an agreement was signed, according to that all remaining pathogenes are either to be destroyed or to be handed over to one of two research facilities (in Russia and in the US). Since the UN could not implement any effective protocol to monitor the worldwide proscription of biological agents yet, it remains unknown, which nation is in possesion of those pathogenes.

As part of the so called Patriot-Grid this and following projects should support the fight against bioterrorism. Therefore, computersimulations tested vaccines against known biological pathogenes, like Smallpox and Anthrax. Not only United Devices supported the Patriot-Grid, but also IBM, Accelrys and Evotec OAI, as well as other organizations did.

Any user of the United Devices Agent was opted in this particular project by default and had to cancel it in his profil on the website of UD, if it was not wanted.


Project overview

InfoIcon.png Smallpox Research Grid
Name Smallpox Research Grid
Category Krankheitsbekämpfung/en
Goal Find a vaccine against Smallpox
Commercial   yes

It is unknown where this project is located.

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   concluded
Begin 05.02.03
End 4.11.04


Operating System

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Client Properties

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Client Specifics

For this project the United Devices Agent used the Ligandfit application implemtented by Accelrys.

Provided Versions

  • 30.11.1999: 3.0 (2814)