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Bewertung für SIMAP (April 2008) (Deutsch ja.gif    Deutsch)

Evaluation took place in 4 categories, each awarding credits ranging from 0 to 5 points, and an overall rating. We had employed an evaluation board of 4 people, the (rounded) average was used.


Category 1: Reliability

There are BOINC applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The servers were always accessible except for predictable downtimes that have been announced before. Work units were available, according to the operator and all applications ran stable and reliable. The BOINC infrastructure ensures that the applications are automatically updated.

SIMAP scores 5 points in this category.

Category 2: Communication policy

The project description is available in seven languages. For support, there is a well-visited phpBB board and also the news are informative.

SIMAP scores 5 points in this category.

Category 3: Instructions

A separate guidance is missing. Instead they link only on the Berkeley guide. This guide is relatively short and only in English. But there are also links to other sites and wikis where after a short search very good instructions can be found.

SIMAP scores 4 points in this category.

Category 4: Benefit for the general public

The benefit for the general public is very large. Due to the database created by SIMAP other institutes and research groups can save a lot of time. The database is public and requires no special software - just a browser. Moreover there are a few publications, which are included in the e-library.

SIMAP scores 5 points in this category.

Overall Rating

We consider SIMAP to be one of the most recommendable DC-project. Negative are only the poor BOINC instructions.

SIMAP therefore scores 5 points in overall rating.

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