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Bewertung für Rosetta@home (April 2008) (Deutsch ja.gif    Deutsch)

Evaluation took place in 4 categories, each awarding credits ranging from 0 to 5 points, and an overall rating. We had employed an evaluation board of 4 people, the (rounded) average was used.


Category 1: Reliability

There are BOINC applications for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. The servers were always accessible except for predictable downtimes that have been announced before. Work units were available, according to the operator. However, for a short time there were work units on some systems, which canceled just before they were finished. These were replaced quickly. The BOINC infrastructure ensures that the applications are automatically updated.

Rosetta@home scores 4 points in this category.

Category 2: Communication policy

There is a good information policy in the project description. This description is also available in several languages. However, some areas are only available in English and the forum is purely English. Additionaly, there have been many publications.

Rosetta@home scores 4 points in this category.

Category 3: Instructions

There is no guidance for beginners. But if you already have prior knowledge, it is very easy to participate, thanks to the BOINC infrastructure.

Rosetta@home scores 4 points in this category

Category 4: Benefit for the general public

Rosetta@home tries to predict protein structures and protein interactions. The objective of the project is to develop methods to predict protein structures reliably. These methods can contribute to fight diseases such as Cancer, HIV or Malaria. Rosetta@home also cooperates actively with other institutions, as it can be found on the project site.

Rosetta@home scores 5 points in this category

Overall Rating

We consider Rosetta@home to be a recommendable DC-project. Negative aspects are only the monolingual sections and the poor BOINC instructions.

Rosetta@home therefore scores 4 points in overall rating.

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