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Since 2006, PrimeGrid has been home to many projects searching for primes. They started looking for primes of ascending size and storing them in a database accessible to anyone for download. These were relatively small primes in the range of about 10 digits. In February 2008, however, this sub-project was discontinued because this database has little benefit and you did not want to spend more time on another compilation. The second project looked for the largest known twin primate. This search was successful but continues to break the record. Today, many sub-projects are looking for special primes.

Positive: This project will publish the name of the primes finder, if desired!

The project awards for the individual subprojects badges.

The PrimeGrid team opposed the monetization of BOINC results as part of their own project, e.g. by GridCoin. This is to prevent fraud and wrong results. [1]

Project overview

InfoIcon.png PrimeGrid
Name PrimeGrid
Category Primzahlsuche/en
Goal Creating a prime number database / finding record prime numbers
Commercial   no

Lithuania01.gif    This project is being conducted in Lithuania.

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin July 10th, 2005
End still active


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Operating systems

Icon windows 16.png   Windows Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Icon windows 16.png   Windows 64bit Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon linux 16.png   Linux Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Icon linux 16.png   Linux 64bit Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Icon linux 16.png   Linux on ARM Checkbox 0.gif  
Android.jpg   Android Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon raspberri pi 16.jpeg   Raspberry Pi Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon dos 16.png   DOS Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon macos 16.png   MacOS X Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Icon macos 16.png   MacOS X 64bit Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Icon freebsd 16.png   BSD Checkbox 0.gif  
NVIDIA.gif   CUDA Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Logo opencl.png   Atistream.png   OpenCL Checkbox 1.gif   (nicht alle Unterprojekte)
Logo opencl.png   Intel.png   OpenCL Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon solaris 16.png   Solaris Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon java 16.png   Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif  


Published versions

  • 10.12.2009: AP26 Search (first CUDA application)
  • 18.02.2008: AP26 Search 1.00 (first Mac application)
  • 18.02.2008: GCWsieve 1.07 (first 64-Bit Linux version)
  • 14.10.2007: LLR prime search 5.07 (first Linux version)
  • 13.10.2007: PSP Sieve 1.02
  • 29.09.2007: GCWsieve 1.05 (64 bit)
  • 15.09.2007: GCWsieve 1.04
  • 02.08.2007: LLR prime search 5.07
  • 12.07.2007: Prime Generator 5.13
  • 14.11.2006: LLR prime search 5.03
  • 08.11.2005: 4.01

The latest versions can be viewed here.


PrimeGrid uses the BOINC infrastructure. The registration, installation and configuration are described in the user manual.





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