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Pancreatic Cancer Research is a project under the supervison of the Oxford University's Centre for Computational Drug Discovery and was developed in cooperation with United Devices, Intel and another unspecified U.S. American Distributed Computing company. The aim was to find a cure or vaccine against pancreatic cancer. This project was concluded in april 2007 and closed, along with its platform at United Devices' It had the following results.



InfoIcon.png Pancreatic Cancer Research
Name Pancreatic Cancer Research
Category Krankheitsbekämpfung
Goal Find a cure against Pancreatic Cancer
Commercial   no
United Kingdom01.gif     This project is done in Great Britain.

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   concluded
Begin 2001
End April 2007



Operating System

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Client Specifics

This project used the THINK-software of United Devices.

Client Properties

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