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The goal of Majestic-12 is to create a search engine index for an Internet search engine. The Client program searches web pages for changes and updates. It returns it in highly compressed way to the Master server, which refreshes the central search index.

According to the download page the project will be continued since 04.12.2014 only with already registered users.

Project overview

InfoIcon.png Majestic-12
Name Majestic-12
Category Verteilte Suchmaschine/en
Goal Creation of a search engine index
Commercial   yes

United Kingdom01.gif    This project is being conducted in Great Britain.

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin October 2004
End still active

Checked: 4.10.2018

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Operating Systems

Icon windows 16.png   Windows Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon windows 16.png   Windows 64bit Checkbox 0.gif  

Icon linux 16.png   Linux Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon linux 16.png   Linux 64bit Checkbox 0.gif  

Icon linux 16.png   Linux on ARM Checkbox 0.gif  
Android.jpg   Android Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon raspberri pi 16.jpeg   Raspberry Pi Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon dos 16.png   DOS Checkbox 0.gif  

Icon macos 16.png   MacOS X 64bit Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon freebsd 16.png   BSD Checkbox 1.gif  
NVIDIA.gif   CUDA Checkbox 0.gif  
Logo opencl.png   Atistream.png   OpenCL Checkbox 0.gif  
Logo opencl.png   Intel.png   OpenCL Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon solaris 16.png   Solaris Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon java 16.png   Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif  

The client requires the .NET framework in version 1.1 under Windows. Under Linux, Mono must be installed.


  • Some setting options are described in our forum. In many cases it is necessary to increase the values for "Active Workers" and "Maximum open buckets" in order to utilize your own connection.
  • The own Internet connection can be well spent. With Arcor DSL 16000 one comes without problem on 35 to 45 GB Download in 24 hours.

Published versions

The latest versions can be found here.