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Korea@Home is a distributed computing initiative which exists since 2002. It is organized/supported by the Supercomputing Center of KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information), the KCC (Korea Communications Commission), Tongmyong University.


Project overview

Project overview

InfoIcon.png Korea@Home
Name Korea@Home
Category Klimatologie/en
Homepage www.koreaathome.org/eng

200px-Flag of South Korea.svg.png    This project is being conducted in (South-)Korea.

Project status

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   completed
Begin 2002
End 20.06.2011

Project links


  • diverse charts: [1]
  • Rechenkraft.net team statistic: [2]


data from 26.09.2009: [3], [4]

  • 43.120 participants with 44.540 clients
  • amount of finished WUs: 64.686913 Mio.
  • performance: 464.29 Gflops (max. 1160.2 GFlops (2009-05-06 08))
  • total CPU time: > 2335 years
  • OS distribution: 56% XP pro, 23% XP personal, 21% others

data from 28.09.2009:

  • active clients: 426

about the WUs

First experience (has to be verified):

  • It seems you can process only one project at a time. Maximum WU amount you can store is 30. Only when the queue is finished, new WUs are received
  • climate prediction WU: takes about 10 mins with 2,66 GHz
  • DES WU: about 6 mins with 2,66 GHz

Client application

There is a client (Kath2Setup.exe) available for Windows here. It contains: KathAgentManager.exe, KathAgentCore.exe, KathAgentUI.exe, KathUpgrade.exe. To use the client you have to register here. Important: input your email first and after you receive the activation code you can continue the registration process. It is recommended to use Firefox for registering (you can copy + paste Korean error messages into a translation service of your choice).

Operating systems

Icon windows 16.png   Windows Checkbox 1.gif  
Icon linux 16.png   Linux Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon dos 16.png   DOS Checkbox 0.gif  

Icon freebsd 16.png   BSD Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon solaris 16.png   Solaris Checkbox 0.gif  
Icon java 16.png   Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif  

Published versions



  • to take part in "virtualScreen screening candidate compounds for new drugs" please install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


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