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While the Gerasim@Home project only served to familiarize itself with the BOINC software at launch, the goal has now been set in Russia: testing and comparing heuristic methods to develop separations of parallel algorithms that can be programmed in the CAD system for designing programmable logic controllers. It is a project of

Project overview

InfoIcon.png Gerasim@Home
Name Gerasim@Home
Category Mathematik/en
Goal Testing and comparison of heuristic methods
Commercial   no

Russia01.gif    This project is being conducted in Russia.
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Southwest State University, {{{location}}}

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin 5.2.2007
End still active

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Published versions

The latest versions may be found here.



Gerasim@Home/en benutzt die BOINC-Infrastruktur. Die Anmeldung, Installation und Konfiguration sind auf der allgemeinen BOINC-Seite beschrieben.




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