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Evaluation of Docking@home (February 2010) (Deutsch ja.gif   Deutsch)

Evaluation took place in 4 categories, each awarding credits ranging from 0 to 5 points, and an overall rating. We had employed an evaluation board of 5 people, the (rounded) average was used. Published evaluations.

Category 1: Reliability

Because of a well server configuration, enough work units and stable applications the projects archieves a very high reliability. The project gets unanimously the full score.

Docking@home scores 5 points in this category.

Category 2: Communication Policy

The project provides a description, written in simple English, and therefore even understandable for laymen. There are also enough contact options available, so it should be easy getting fast support. The only flaw: English as the only language

Docking@home scores 5 points in this category.

Category 3: Instructions

Almost typical for English speaking projects, there is no other language available. However, the English could be easily understood by all reviewers. The guide is also for users who have only minimal experience with BOINC sufficient.

Docking@home scores 4 points in this category.

Category 4: Benefit for the general public

Docking@home is a basic research project with potential applications. In this respect it is very deserving of support. A list of recent publications is also available.

Docking@home scores 5 points in this category.

Overall Rating

We consider Docking@home to be one of the best currently available distributed computing projects. Only negtive aspect is the missing internationality (alternative languages).

Docking@home therefore scores 5 points in overall rating.