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ChessBrain, Chess960@home und andere Schachprojekte

News vom 28. Dez. 03

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von Pascal » 03.01.2004 21:35

Carlos J. hat geschrieben:Happy holidays!

This time of year is normally a very busy time for many of us. This time is especially busy as we prepare to make our first world record attempt. A great deal is happening very quickly and so I apologize for taking so long to write this report.

Before I get into some of the new developments… I’d like to encourage you to register for the world record attempt and to ask you to spread the word via website, newsgroups and among your own peers! Over 500 people have registered during the past week!

ChessBrain has been a non-profit project since the beginning. The project exists because of the non-monetary support of our members. So, a trip to Copenhagen Demark for the world record attempt is a major expense for a project that doesn’t make any money In order to support our efforts, Cedric Griss has created a non-profit foundation, which will initially support ChessBrain, but will later support other distributed computing projects. The Distributed Computing Foundation (DCF) is already doing a great deal for us, by fundraising and handling the organizational details of the event. If you have any questions regarding the DCF, send an email to

Visit our new press page to see news releases about the DCF and our growing list of supporters!

Speaking of supporters, ChessBrain is now being supported by Chess Master, author, organizer, teacher and software developer, Eric Schiller. Eric is the author or over 100 books on chess and has been an International arbiter and organizer. Eric is supporting the DCF in areas such as fundraising and press considerations. In addition he’s supporting ChessBrain directly on the new GUI client. Eric and I have worked together in the past on ChessMaster 5000. To learn more about Eric visit:

Gavin Roy, EHPG Networks, has provided hosting for the SuperNode server for well over a year now. During the past week we moved the ChessBrain website to EHPG and we’re now ready to handle major traffic during the event! In addition, Gavin has created the official IRC channel for ChessBrain on the GamesNet server. The new GUI client will features a built-in IRC client allowing members to chat with each other before, during and after the event. If you’re an IRC user stop by and visit the #chessbrain channel. Visit the press release page above to read about our GamesNet sponsor!

During this holiday season we continue supporting the project:

-Colin Frayn and I continue testing and refining the SuperNode and PeerNode clients.

- Carlos Lora has been busy supporting both our website efforts and our new GUI client by providing new pages, graphics and UI design help.

- Oliver Otte has completed our new online user registration and profile management system! The new web based system will allow members to register and manage their profile. For example, users will now be able to change their user name and team affiliation! The information entered will automatically be used in stats displays. Oliver has also created the new database schema for our next generation stats tracking.

- Sven Herrmann is pushing the 3D graphics envelope by creating new visual effects such as enhanced shadows, reflections and light animation. Simply put, Sven’s work will blow all other prior work out of the water. We’re excited about displaying his work live at the world record event!

During the next few days we’ll release a preview version of the new GUI client for Windows. The target date is January 1st and the new client will be posted in our experimental software downloads forum at:

I don’t like comparing ChessBrain to IBM’s Deep Blue, however many people naturally draw comparison and wonder whether ChessBrain will ever become another Deep Blue. It’s certainly too early to tell just how strong ChessBrain will become. ChessBrain is an experiment in a distributed computing approach to computer chess. As in all experimentation it’s important to consider what works well and what might be done to explore a problem further.

ChessBrain was founded in the summer of 2001, and didn’t play its first game until December 17th 2002. What’s equally important is that no one on the ChessBrain team works on ChessBrain full time. We all have full-time jobs and family commitments. A few weeks ago I put all this into perceptive when I came across a bit concerning Deep Blue’s history. The project lasted about 12 years!! Consider the following and keep in mind that our ChessBrain project has only been playing one year!

1985 Two Carnegie Mellon students, Feng-hsiung Hsu and Thomas Anantharaman, joined efforts in 1985 to produce Chiptest, the first step towards the creation of the chess supercomputer Deep Blue.

1988 With the help of Murray Campbell and Andreas Nowatzyk they completed Deep Thought in which was capable of computing 720,000 positions per second and had a Grand Master level rating.

1989 Garry Kasparov played Deep Thought in 1989 and beat it easily. IBM understood that searching through vast databases, identifying relationships in the information and coming up with innovative solutions had value beyond the chess world and hired Hsu, Campbell and Anantharaman.

1991 By 1991 Deep Thought 2 was capable of searching over 6 million moves per second.

1993 In 1993 Deep Thought 2 is renamed Deep Blue.

1997 In 1997, in its last match with Kasparov, Deep Blue was capable of analyzing 100 million positions a second, as was able to then win against Kasparov.

If you consider ChessBrain in light of a 12 year journey, it’s easy to see how the project might evolve over the next few years…
- CJ
Aktuell aus dem Chessbrain-Forum.


#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von Pascal » 03.01.2004 21:42
Die aktuellen (Test-)Releases. Montag sollte wieder einer kommen.


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