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Jacob Klein
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Re: Deadline too short

#13 Ungelesener Beitrag von Jacob Klein » 14.08.2019 22:38

WU 6330825 was completed by a user on 6 May 2018, 4:18:53 UTC -- "Completed, validation inconclusive" -- Run time (sec) 19,053,214.77 -- CPU time (sec) 18,958,920.00 ... id=6330825 ... d=14953392

Once a wingman completes a 2nd task, they will validate each other, and the work unit will be "Completed and validated"

As I said earlier, it looks like it will take your PC about 220-280 days of CPU Time to complete this task. But it could take up to 500 days.

Good luck.

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Re: Deadline too short

#14 Ungelesener Beitrag von gemini8 » 14.08.2019 23:05

Bonjour Philippe.
It's very nice that you seem to be able to support Boinc and projects that use its infrastructure with more computing power than I can.
This might lead to more knowledge about projects.
Nonetheless this doesn't mean that I am unable to read forums, keep information in mind, use that information, search for other bits and then post what I've remembered or found.
So I think that I might actually have amassed quite a lot of knowledge myself without even having to ask the forum search.
Especially regarding RNA World there is a heap of information gathered by Jacob Klein on top of what has been posted by the project staff.
Additionally there is information that Yeti and others have contributed about VMs, mainly regarding LHC, but also valid for other projects that run work in VMs.
In fact, I have read quite a lot of all that because Atlas used to be a pain, and because of the slight possibility that I might encounter RNA World work-units on my machines which I would not want to crash immediately or after a long time of computation.
Up to now I didn't get any of them.

The posting about the new ones we don't know about yet just means that the new AMD processors might not live up to the expectation that they are slower on this project, and thus might be faster. I don't think that anybody has valid RNA World KNOWLEDGE regarding this, so my speculation only points out a possibility. After having seen on other projects what the new AMD stuff can do, this is not too far-fetched.

Btw.: The team has a bunch of weirdos that frequent the forums more or less daily and discuss whatever comes to mind. The RNA World forums, just as the yoyo@home forums, are part of the forums, so I think you see the number of postings overall which contain a lot of off-topic talk as well.

Quel dommage, que le petit Français, que je peux utiliser, seulement suffit pour ne pas mourir de faim en France, mais n'est pas assez pour discuter des topics plus compliques.

Bonne nuit.

Fixed a typo.
*end edit*
Gruß, Jens
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Re: Deadline too short

#15 Ungelesener Beitrag von marsinph » 21.08.2019 13:10

yoyo hat geschrieben:
12.08.2019 19:28
The app sends trickle messages to the server and beginning 14 days before the deadline it shifts the deadline always 14 days ahead. So if your wu is running at least once in 2 weeks the deadline is always moved ahead. But you see the changed deadline only on the server web page.This is not synchronized to your BOINC client.

Like predicted, the deadline changed in "my account" by an addtional 14 days.
Already 10 days running (24/24) : 8% done. Not important at all !
Best regards


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