Pangalactic BOINC Workshop 2020: 7th-10th of September, Marburg/Germay

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Pangalactic BOINC Workshop 2020: 7th-10th of September, Marburg/Germay

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Pangalactic BOINC Workshop 2020: 7th-10th of September, Marburg/Germay

This year's Pangalactic BOINC Workshop 2020 will be held on 7th-10th of September at "Deutscher Sprachatlas" in the medieval city of Marburg/Germany located approx. 100 km north of Frankfurt airport to which it is well-connected by public trains (or e.g. FLIXBUS.)

To the best of our knowledge, it will be the first BOINC workshop organized by BOINC volunteers and is hosted by the Physics Department of the Philipps-University of Marburg (the first still operating protestant university in the world, founded in 1527).

In addition to inviting the usual BOINC community, we would like to place one focus of this year's BOINC workshop on also inviting scientists for presentations whose research requires significant compute
ressources but who do not yet use the distributed computing approach.
So, the idea is to reach out to new people to lay the foundations for new future BOINC-based projects. Since there will be so many BOINC experts around, newcomers should find it very convenient to quickly gather the required information and practical help to rapidly implement their project idea.
Moreover, we warmly welcome contributions from the volunteers (who might also contact us to take over a role in the BOINC workshop organization, chairing sessions, etc.).

All relevant information regarding this event including the registration form will be presented on the following wiki website:

Please check this website regularly for updates, because it will be edited as soon as additional information becomes available. Information on this website includes (among others):

Registration form: ... Q/viewform

Workshop Agenda: ... 020/Agenda

Workshop Attendees: ... /Attendees

If you have read the wiki page detailed above and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the following email address:

In addition, you may also discuss the workshop with us in our online discussion forum:

There is also a FAQ section placed on the website where will will aggregate incoming questions and their answers.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Best regards,

- - - - -
Michael Weber
1st. Chairman,
Physics Dept. / Astronomy Workgroup / Philipps-University Marburg
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