Projekte, für die Beobachtungen Online gemeldet werden müssen (Schmetterlingszählung, Wildtiersichtungen, usw.)
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Aurorasaurus is a research project supported by the National Science Foundation and designed by researchers from the New Mexico Consortium, NASA, Penn. State University, and Science Education Solutions. We are professional space scientists, computer scientists, educators, and volunteers.
First real-time map of auroral visibility based on user contributions and crowd sourcing. Follow @tweetaurora and check out ... 85/?no-ist
With Breathtaking Pictures, Citizen Scientists Help Map Auroras

Social media users help scientists figure out how to accurately forecast geomagnetic events
In October, 2011, Elizabeth MacDonald from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center noticed a spike in Tweets about the dazzling show put on by the aurora borealis, according to a NASA press release. It got her thinking—what if she could add geolocation data to all those social media hits and collect them in a single database?
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