Task Stuck at 98.765% for 3 Days Now!

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Re: Task Stuck at 98.765% for 3 Days Now!

#13 Ungelesener Beitrag von Michael H.W. Weber » 20.04.2016 09:04

Well, I am really sorry that it did not work out this time for you. I had a few fails of this kind before, too - so I know how annoying it is.
Just a few days ago, my wife worked on my computer with a VM WU which had run for 6100 hrs. After she was done, the task did not display the VM console view window anymore. Before, in the same manner she killed another task with around 4000 hrs of completed runtime. This time, however, I found out how to recover it. So that 6100 hrs task now is at 6300 hrs and happily running. I hope it completes this time...
bcavnaugh hat geschrieben:VM tasks Are all RNA has.
Unfortunately, that's correct - at present.
But there will be small tasks again in the future.
If you just keep RNA World attached to your machine but disable the retrieval of VM WUs, you will get a notification in the news panel of your BOINC manager once we re-distribute smaller WUs (I will announce that beforehand). Maybe then you may want to give it another try with less risky tasks.
So, don't be sad and thank you for your trying even the very difficult tasks.

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Re: Task Stuck at 98.765% for 3 Days Now!

#14 Ungelesener Beitrag von bcavnaugh » 20.04.2016 20:27

I can do this, and thank you


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