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Re: Problem with xxl wu

Verfasst: 18.07.2012 04:49
von Ananas
robertmiles hat geschrieben:I've never used Linux, so I doubt that I'm ready.
Basically not much difference, file I/O and number formatting works quite exactly the same, the only difference is that Unix has no CR+LF in text files and directory paths under Unix don't use backslashes (DOS/Windows paths can use foreward slashes though, so they are compatible in one direction). *)

The problem is that some modules work with static variables (in different calltree depths, i.e. a library has its own set), there is not one set of globals that can be saved - and the calculation is not homogenous over the time, which means you cannot just start a big outer loop at 515, when you already have done 1 to 514. Some higher loop counts need a few intermediate results of the lower ones, which are "hidden" statically inside of the modules.

It would be good if the developer could do that - but he might have the same problem, as the program uses a library he has not developed but is just using parts of it.

Definitely not a quick task to do :-/

*) OT : This slash/backslash thing even worked with the command line of very early DOS versions, you could set the SWITCHCHAR to Minus (=> program options working like "dir -s" instead of "dir /s") and use the slash as a directory separator then. (Afaik. the default switch character "/" had been a relic from a basic CP/M compatibility of DOS1, refer to the Ralf Brown interrupt lists if you're interested in that stuff or have grey hair to already know about it)

Re: Problem with xxl wu

Verfasst: 24.07.2012 07:03
von robertmiles
I'm using Cygwin under Windows, which should be able to handle SOME of the Linux/Windows differences.

One problem is that I haven't found a way to view its make files yet.

Re: Problem with xxl wu

Verfasst: 26.07.2012 22:13
von Ananas
We have compiled the windows version under MinGW, not such a big difference :-)

notepad, vi, cat, pg, more - the makefiles are just plain text, no proprietary format like VC++ project files or stuff like that

Re: Problem with xxl wu

Verfasst: 28.07.2012 02:10
von robertmiles
I have a few Cygwin versions of MinGW already installed, so the compilers look likely to match well enough.

For the make files, it now looks like any of the Cygwin programs for viewing text files with Linux line endings would be the best choice.

It now looks like I need to download the source code before making a final decision on whether I should try to add the checkpoints (probably for Windows only, but in a way that does much of what is needed for others to finish what is needed to do it on other operating systems).

I am NOT familiar enough with the other operating systems that can run BOINC to feel ready to handle the parts of the checkpointing specific to those operating systems.