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Mem use . Monstruous

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von marsinph » 15.05.2019 22:04

I think I have not a bad config : i7-3930K 12 cores with two RX580 and 32Gb DDR3 under Win7 x64.
The problem : ECM_UC......P2_x takes after a few minutes about 7Gb RAM ! Yes, seven giga RAM by WU !!!
So unable ti run more than 3 WU (with 24RAM.)

They start with about 100Mb, then increase to 200Mb. And after about five minuts increase to 7Gb !
Result : computer unable to manage.
Running time : about 1 hour. No problem.
The biggest problem is the deadline : three days, PRJ send WU according running/cores.
Because only tthree WU can run togheter, impossible to return the WU inside the deadline.
On a 8Gb RAM : only one WU can run. But because deadline andrunning time, also considering boinc "accept task for one day"

Project send 12 (cores) x24 (1hour/wu/day) = 296WU.
But because the monstruous required RAM, only 48 can be crunched (with manual control)

No other choice that to always cancel. All WU will be too late

Perhaps I do something wrong ? Then explain !

Or please, admin , reconsider your WU for normal users config !!!

See :

ecm 705.02
14/05/2019 22:43:41
Report deadline
19/05/2019 22:43:42
Estimated computation size
19,530 GFLOPs
CPU time
CPU time since checkpoint
Elapsed time
Estimated time remaining
Fraction done
Virtual memory size
7.06 GB
Working set size
7.24 GB

Process ID
Progress rate
72.360% per hour

Michael H.W. Weber
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Re: Mem use . Monstruous

#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von Michael H.W. Weber » 16.05.2019 09:55

If you adjust your settings to work on only 3 ECM tasks simultaneously per machine you should be safe with your 32 GB of RAM. You can do this by placing a plain text file called app_config.xml in the Yoyo@home projects directory on your machine(s):

Code: Alles auswählen

There are at least three types of ECM tasks. The P2 ones (check file name) require up to 10 GB of RAM. These are the "trouble makers".
The tasks with P1 require very little RAM, all others may require up to 1.8 GB of RAM.

You may also download work for a couple of days, check the file names, delete all of the P2 and just run Yoyo@home without any config file.

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Re: Mem use . Monstruous

#3 Ungelesener Beitrag von marsinph » 16.05.2019 17:29

Hello Michael,
Thank you for help, it is a solution, but but is not THE solution.
To prevent memory, it is the solution. I can let run other project on the others cores.
Nice, but swapping between project.
I will not change all the projects because one project for one kind of WU cause problems !

Your nice solution nothing solve about "ecm" WU. Thank you. but then all ECM will be reduced, also the normal WU (xy,........
My cache is set on a half day (x12 cores, running one hour) So I get 144WU.
Nice, but deadline too short (five days). Impossible to crunch.

Now, about P2 and P1, I have see the difference in RAM. But then the P1 runs about 8 hours for much more less "relative" credits.
I compare credite by running time (or reverse) and on the same host of course.
P2 : one hour for 100CR = 100CR/hr/wu
P1 : 8 hours for 600CR = 75CR/hr/wu

And always cancelling P2 is not very fair.
All the WU I have ecm_uc_......P2_x x vary between 3 and 5. So amready 3-5times in error or cancelled.
Is it the goal of Yoyo ?
A lot of neverending WU, resend, and resent,...and staying in DB ! (not our problem)

Best regards

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Re: Mem use . Monstruous

#4 Ungelesener Beitrag von yoyo » 16.05.2019 21:08

Some facts:
1. You get such P2 only if you have 10 GB free RAM. If a host has less free RAM it will not get P2.
2. BOINC will start a P2 only if you have 10 GB free RAM. Otherwise a P2 is not started
3. If running workunits occupy more RAM as you have configured in BOINC it suspends such a workunit. Means you should reserve some RAM for your operating system and other programs you run. You should not give 90% of your RAM to BOINC.
4. You will get also credits up to 5 days after the deadline.
5. If a workunit wasn't started and reaches the deadline, BOINC will abort this workunit. So no loss of credits because of deadline.

Since I know that 3. is not working properly in all cases and you will have some troubles with I give more credits for P2.
If you don't want to run P2, give only 40% of your RAM to BOINC.
If you want to earn the increased credits, handle the P2, e.g. as Michael proposed or other ways or let BOINC do it.
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[P3D] Crashtest
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Re: Mem use . Monstruous

#5 Ungelesener Beitrag von [P3D] Crashtest » 20.05.2019 19:15

Once again only problems with the fu**ing P2 Wu - please put them in a sub project everyone could unselect them if needed ASAP !!!!

Mal wieder nur Ärger mit den Schei* P2 Wu - könnt ihr die endlich in ein Unterprojekt packen damit die und nur die Problemwuzen verhindern kann?!
Systeme mit 12GB erfüllen die Anforderungen für die WUs aber BOINC ist einfach zu doof dafür - Beispiel:
Rechner mit 12GB RAM und 8 Kernen
- beim Start sind mind. 10GB frei daher startet BOINC natürlich 8 davon
- kurz danach krachen die 8 WU da diese sich viel zu viel RAM schnappen
- teilweise stürzt dadurch Windows ab
Es ist keine Lösung ECM auf 2-3 WU zu begrenzen nur eine Unterart von ECM - halt Schei* P2 nur Ärger macht ?!

Links with more of ECM P2 Only Problems:
viewtopic.php?f=56&t=17013 (aus 2018)
viewtopic.php?f=56&t=16670 (aus 2017)

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Re: Mem use . Monstruous

#6 Ungelesener Beitrag von marsinph » 20.05.2019 20:48

Hello everyone

Only one thing
Why need all the world to make change for one kind of WU ???

I think it is to project to change the WU. Not the reverse (opposite).
Latest year there were also problem but about not respect Boinc setting running time.

So, I am sorry, like Crashtest" very wise and clever write, suggest, make a subproject !!!

I will not remove my RAM to be able to NOT get/receive the P2 !!!

And also, please, build a normal credit system. Depending what you want (running time / real Gflops / CPU time,)
Two or 3 WU, same App, same host, started and running togheter, ...
Pure theory :
One run 100sec for 100CR (CR ratio 1/1)
the second run 200 for 100 CR (ratio 2/1)
The third run 50 for 200CR (ratio 1/4)

So , so long it is impossible to not select (unselect P2), All I receive will be automatically deleted.
Sorry. I will not change computer settings only because one kind of WU

Best regards


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