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Re: [sub-project] Perfect cuboid

Unread postby fwjmath » 09.09.2017 17:24

OK, I didn't see that you are already at 2^44. And that's nice! Sorry about the previous post, and now I know that you are really exploring new territories!

If you need to see whether you can optimize your code, I would be willing to help. I don't know what the exact algorithm is, but I am very interested.

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Re: [sub-project] Perfect cuboid

Unread postby x3mEn » 09.09.2017 20:43

Hello, fwjmath.

Actually, the last my post was caused by the need to close the gestalt. )))
I'm very glad that 3 monthes of manual crunch had finished.
So, I peed it right to post the last totals of manual crunch.
I am grateful to all participants who helped me to improve app, with their support the achievment became possible:

But... now we are starting the new life as a sub-project of yoyo@home!
We started from 10T, for some reasons which I would like to keep in secret till a proper time. )
Here, on sub-project status page you can find out where we are.
The legend in the right side is clickable, click on "To Do", for example, to hide this category and for better scale of others categories.
"In Progress" — the range, where "porridge is boiling", with "holes" between checked ranges.
"Done" means continuos range of (at least) double-checked numbers, where "porridge has already boiled and cooled down".

So, now I'm waiting for when the range up to 30'359'586'957'394 will be crystallized, to double check our manual crunch.

You are welcome in Telegram group "Perfect Cuboid" to discuss math and code sides of algorythm.
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