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DescriptionRepresenting Ars Technica, the best IT and tech news site on the web. For an impartial and intellectual overview of the IT world, and the best in technical discussion, make sure that we are your number one destination. We also have an extensive forum, covering every subject under the sun. If our expert advice can't help you, then nothing can. Be sure to check out our dedicated distributed computing website, www.arsfoodcourt.com and for the really keen amongst you try the #distributed channel on our IRC server, irc.arstechnica.com What are you waiting for? Join the biggest and best distributed computing team on Earth today!
Web sitehttp://www.arstechnica.com
Members (with credit)74
Total credit251,055,596.72
Recent average credit15,555.14
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Active members (with credit)
Name Total creditRecent average credit Country
1) Beyond User profile image master badge silver badge spirit half god silver badge silver badge 111,977,833.11 9,755.65 United States
2) Chipotle grand master silver badge silver badge grand master silver badge silver badge bronze badge bronze badge 9,042,563.18 5,622.80 United States
3) PaladinRPG User profile imageProject donor gold badge bronze badge bronze badge bronze badge 971,000.43 194.75 United States
4) CzarNicholas silver badge 115,722.13 0.10
5) Joro bronze badge 50,735.91 0.10 Bulgaria
6) Don H. gold badge grand master silver badge silver badge 4,826,776.76 0.10 United States
7) whizbang grand master master badge grand master master badge gold badge gold badge 10,737,553.20 0.10 United States
8) SirSid bronze badge bronze badge 47,002.22 0.10 United States
9) Sprecher Brewery master badge silver badge silver badge silver badge 2,762,830.62 0.10 United States
10) Skippy 300,061.67 0.10 United States
11) jlink7 silver badge silver badge 254,506.40 0.09 United States
12) MechWarrior silver badge bronze badge bronze badge bronze badge bronze badge 323,928.59 0.09 None
13) dan 2,327.64 0.09 None
14) fractal 129,898.17 0.09 United States
15) shy24 1,696.68 0.09 United States
16) pavid 6,951.34 0.09 Canada
17) Joshua Washburn 1,002.39 0.09 United States
18) Ron 873.69 0.09 United States
19) ars_phil 145,560.48 0.09 United States
20) Robert silver badge bronze badge bronze badge silver badge bronze badge 598,263.41 0.09
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