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The is based on the IRC protocol.


Where can I get a client?

You need a client with irc support for our chat. An irc-client is a program that knows how to handle the irc-protocol. Like your browser knows this about the http-protocol. A popular client for windows is mIRC. For other platforms there is e.g. x-chat. You can find a comparison of irc clients at wikipedia.

The settings

You can try to use just this link: our IRC Channel. If this does not work please read the following lines.

You need to connect your client with our server. The address is If you need to enter a port then you must enter 6667. When you are connected with the server you can join channels and talk to other people using the network. The channel for is #rechenkraft. If your client can't show a list of available channels you can enter /join #rechenkraft (keep in mind: you need to be connected with the correct server). Now you are connected with our channel. Feel free to ask your question or just talk with us and hope that someone is available.

What time is good?

There is no fixed time. You can stop by anytime and chat with us. In case you want to know if we are having our beauty sleep here is the current local time for Berlin.

Is it possible to use the browser?

Yes. Everybody who doesn't want to install an extra client can use Javairc. For this you need to have installed JRE which you can get here.
Still not happy ? How about a few JavaScript-applets. One of them can be found at

If you want to be more often in the IRC-chat we recommed you to use a IRC-client. It's more functional and a lot easier.

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