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The World Community Grid (WCG) is a free platform of different distributed-computing projects, which is provided by IBM. However, IBM does not have any influence on the project.

In the beginning, this platform solely used the Client of United Devices for all of its computing. To allow users of Linux and MacOS X a participation an additional BOINC client was offered in 2005. Since august 2007 the migration away from the DC client took place (see the WCG forum for reference), which was completed by the first half of 2008. Since that time work is only available using the BOINC client.

World Community Grid merely supports non-profit projects, whose results are being published and released as public domain. The decision, which projects should be included into the Grid is up to the Advisory Board.

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Seal of Approval:
This project was awarded the Rechenkraft Seal of Approval in march 2007. With 4 out of 5 possible points it is considered recommendable. The criteria can be found here.



AfricanClimate@Home (concluded) Climatesimulation for parts of Africa
Computing for Clean Water (concluded) Development of water filters with nanotubes
Computing for Sustainable Water (concluded) Human impact on large water areas
Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together (concluded) Find a vaccine for Flavivirus-family
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis (concluded) Finding an agent against leishmaniasis
FightAIDS@home Find a vaccine for AIDS
Genome Comparison (concluded) Comparison of proteindatabases
GO Fight Against Malaria (concluded) Search for a drug for malaria
Help Conquer Cancer (concluded) Improve the results of protein X-ray crystallography
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy (concluded) Find a cure against Muscular Dystrophy
Help Defeat Cancer (concluded) Improve diagnosis of Cancer
Help Fight Childhood Cancer (concluded) Fight against neuroblastoma
Help Stop TB Search for the cause and possibilities of controlling tuberculosis
Human Proteome Folding Project (concluded) Structural prediction of human proteins
Influenza Antiviral Drug Search (concluded) Find vaccines against Influenza
Mapping Cancer Markers Search for markers for the identification, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer
Nutritious Rice for the World (concluded) Improve the harvest of Rice
OpenZika Search for drugs to treat Zika disease
Outsmart Ebola Together Search for drugs to treat Ebola
Say No to Schistosoma (concluded) Find possible drug candidates for the treatment of schistosomiasis
The Clean Energy Project (intermittent) Improve the effency of renewable energysources
Uncovering Genome Mysteries (concluded) Comparison of 200 Million genomes to discover new remedies



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Operating Systems

Icon windows 16.png    Windows Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon linux 16.png    Linux Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon dos 16.png    DOS Checkbox 0.gif   
Icon macos 16.png    MacOS X Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon freebsd 16.png    BSD Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon solaris 16.png    Solaris Checkbox 0.gif   
Icon java 16.png    Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif   

Client Properties

works also with proxy Checkbox 1.gif
program can be executed normally Checkbox 1.gif
can be used as screensaver Checkbox 1.gif
commandline version available Checkbox 0.gif
personal Proxy for work units available   Checkbox 0.gif
work units can be exchanged also by email Checkbox 0.gif
source code is available Checkbox 0.gif
can be used offline Checkbox 0.gif
checkpoints Checkbox 1.gif

Client Specifics

  • Technically the original WCG under Windows is an installation of the UD Agent of United Devices, differing only in the name, the logo and some other minor trivia. Therefore, annotations are often the same, as with projects under UD supervision.
  • The grant of point is somewhat special: there are points for the BOINC-statistics as well as there are points, which are WCG internally only. The UD Client grants 'WCG-points', whereas BOINC grants both. Since those points are being included into different statistics, BOINCusers do not have any advantages.
  • WCG awards so called 'Badges' for contributed computing time! Each project has an own 'emblem': bronze = 14 days, silver = 45 days, gold = 90 days, ruby = 180 days, emerald = 1 year, sapphire = 2 years of computing time. Only the project AfricanClimate@Home differs from that, due to lower time requirements.
  • To enable computing under Linux BOINC was offered as plattform. Since then it is possible for both Windows and Mac-OS to use BOINC.
  • The UD-Client has a maximum CPU usage of 60% by default. With an official tool it is possible to change the CPU usage manually very easily. Using BOINC 100% is set by default, in this case a change of the usage is possible under the option "General Preferences" on the project site.

WU Information

Name RAM Duration Deadline Disk Space Download Upload
DDDT  84 MB  1:50-4:40 h (1,3 GHz)  9 days  100 MB 0,1 MB 1,0 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
FAAH  132 MB  6:00 h ( GHz)  9 days  100 MB 0,1 MB 0,1 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
HCC  42 MB  9:10-9:20 h (2,0 GHz)  9 days  50 MB 0,1 MB 0,1 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
HPFP  MB  3:35 h (2,4 GHz)  11 days  100 MB 1,5 MB 0,1 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
NRW  12 MB  6:00 h (x GHz)  12 days  50 MB 0,2 MB 0,2 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
TCEP  280 MB  11:30 h (2,4 GHz)  10 days  100 MB 0,5 MB 1,0-8,5 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
Duration is the average computing time needed, having the CPU clocked at the variable.
Deadline is the timespan, within which the Work unit needs to be finished.

Application for Facebook

World Community Grid has an application on facebook. Using this, your statistics can be shown to everyone/friends of friends/only friends/only me/customize. The thread with instructions for adding this application and further information regarding the feature can be found here. The application itself can be found here. To use your existing account, you need to enter the account key and the external authorization code here, which you can find here.



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