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Superlink is a project of the biology and computer science department of the israeli Institute of Technology (Technion).

The project helps geneticists to discover genes, which trigger diseases like diabetes, hypertension, schizophrenia, cancer and others.

Therefore the genetic-compound-analysis is used. This is a statistic method to connect genetic functions to their respected positions on the chromosomes. Using this analysis, disease-triggering genes can be discovered. This method is computationally intensive and therfore the tasks are being split for distributed computing.. In order to analyse it, geneticists hand in their data, using the Superlink Online Portal. The task is then automatically parallelized and supplied to many computers in Technion, to the university of Wisconsin in Madison and to BOINC-users.

At the moment, the RAM requirement per work unit is at about 700 MB.



InfoIcon.png Superlink@Technion
Name Superlink@Technion
Category Krankheitsbekämpfung
Goal Discover disease triggering genes
Commercial   no
Homepage as well as

Israel01.gif     This project is done in Israel.

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin 5.3.2007
End still active



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Operating System

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Name RAM Duration Deadline Disk Space Download Upload
Superlink via monitoring load daemon 1.20  up to 700 MB  about 1 h (AMDX2 32bit 3,0 GHz)  1 Tag  MB MB MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
Duration is the average computing time needed, having the CPU clocked at the variable.
Deadline is the timespan, within which the Work unit needs to be finished.


Superlink@Technion uses the BOINC infrastructure. The registration, installation and configuration are described in the user manual.

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