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SIMAP (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) is a database for compared protein sequences and provides specialized query tools, to utilize the data effectively. Over 4 millions of protein sequences are compared, for each pair of two sequences. This information is important, because medical research results to specific proteins may be transferred to similar protein sequences. Many results from gene research with mice may be used for human medicine.

SIMAP was able to compare the existing data from the different protein databases faster than expected, because of client optimization. Now, only once in a month updates have to be processed. That means, that in some days there is no work for this project. New WUs are announced very early on the project homepage.

You'll find more information in our project-FAQs.

Audio-Description Detailed Audio-Description of the project (German): BOINCcast

Seal of Approval:
The project received in April 2008 the Seal of Approval. 5 out of 5 points: it is considered as highly recommended. The criteria may be read here..


Project overview

InfoIcon.png SIMAP
Category Bioinformatik/en
Goal Comparison of protein sequences by the FASTA principle, these similarities are stored in the database and are important basic tools for bioinformatics
Commercial   No

Austria01.gif     This project is being conducted in Austria.

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   active
Begin 13.12.2005
End still active

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Project FAQs

Client software

Operating systems

Icon windows 16.png    Windows Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon windows 16.png    Windows 64bit Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon linux 16.png    Linux Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon linux 16.png    Linux 64bit Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon dos 16.png    DOS Checkbox 0.gif   
Icon macos 16.png    MacOS X Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon freebsd 16.png    BSD Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon solaris 16.png    Solaris Checkbox 1.gif   
Logo-hpux.png    HPUX Checkbox 1.gif   
Logo-aix.jpg    AIX Checkbox 1.gif   
Tru64 Checkbox 1.gif   
Logo-irix.gif    IRIX Checkbox 1.gif   
Icon java 16.png    Java (OS independent)  Checkbox 0.gif   

Client properties

works also with proxy Checkbox 1.gif
program can be executed normally Checkbox 1.gif
can be used as screensaver Checkbox 0.gif
commandline version available Checkbox 0.gif
personal Proxy for work units available   Checkbox 0.gif
work units can be exchanged also by email Checkbox 0.gif
source code is available Checkbox 0.gif
can be used offline Checkbox 1.gif
checkpoints Checkbox 1.gif

WU Information

Name RAM Duration Deadline Disk Space Download Upload
HMMER  45 MB  1:00 h (C2D 32bit 2,4 GHz)  8 days  11 MB MB 0,05 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
SIMAP  10 MB  0:45 h (AMDX2 32bit 3,0 GHz; C2D 32bit 2,4 GHz)  8 days  2 MB 1,8 MB 2,5 MB {{{mindestanforderung}}} oder besser
Duration is the average computing time needed, having the CPU clocked at the variable.
Deadline is the timespan, within which the Work unit needs to be finished.

Distributed versions

You'll find the most recent version here.

  • 03.05.2007: HMMER 5.09 (Windows 64)
  • 03.05.2007: 5.09 (Windows 64)
  • 29.12.2006: 5.10 (Linux 64)
  • 09.10.2006: HMMER 5.09
  • 09.10.2006: HMMER 5.09
  • 18.09.2006: HMMER 5.08
  • 17.09.2006: HMMER 5.07
  • 16.09.2006: HMMER 5.06
  • 13.09.2006: HMMER 5.05
  • 03.09.2006: HMMER 5.02
  • 17.07.2006: 5.11 ( Linux_x86 only)
  • 12.07.2006: 5.10
  • 21.06.2006: 5.09
  • 19.06.2006: 5.08
  • 17.01.2006: 5.07
  • 15.01.2006: 5.06
  • 21.12.2005: 5.05
  • 19.12.2005: 5.04
  • 13.12.2005: 5.03

Optimized clients

Not available.


SIMAP (beendet) uses the BOINC infrastructure. The registration, installation and configuration are described in the user manual.

ATTENTION: CPUs without SSE support needs a special client, which has to be installed manually. Otherwise loaded work units are stopped with an error.


Until now the client ist not showing any graphs while calculating. But the basic BOINC-Screenshots shows, how the client works. If BOINC is in screensaver mode, BOINC logo is displayed with this project.



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