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Here you find links to source code of distributed computing projects. These can be used e.g. for learning purposes (when working together with educational institutions), compiling on non-supported OS, ... This list is not complete, so you can edit here :-)

Projekt Sourcecode-Link Lizenz
BOINC [1] Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Version >=3
Distributed.net [2]
Einstein@Home [3] GNU General Public License, version 2
EvoGrid sourceforge GNU General Public License (GPL)
ZetaGrid [5]
NETI@home [6]
Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search [7] GIMPS EULA
Distributed Hardware Evolution [8] GPL
NanoHive@Home [9] GPL/LGPL
Genetic Life [10]
SETI@home [11]
Yoyo@home [12]
Folding@home GPU code
A5/1 [13]
svn co https://svn.reflextor.com/tmto-svn
Docking@home Docking@Home Screensaver (OpenGL) GNU Lesser General Public License

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