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Korea@Home is a distributed computing initiative which exists since 2002. It is organized/supported by the Supercomputing Center of KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information), the KCC (Korea Communications Commission), Tongmyong University.



Project overview

InfoIcon.png Korea@Home
Name Korea@Home
Category Klimatologie/en
Homepage www.koreaathome.org/eng
200px-Flag of South Korea.svg.png     This project is being conducted in (South-)Korea.

Project status

InfoIcon.png Project status
Status   completed
Begin 2002
End 20.06.2011

Project links


  • diverse charts: [1]
  • Rechenkraft.net team statistic: [2]


data from 26.09.2009: [3], [4]

  • 43.120 participants with 44.540 clients
  • amount of finished WUs: 64.686913 Mio.
  • performance: 464.29 Gflops (max. 1160.2 GFlops (2009-05-06 08))
  • total CPU time: > 2335 years
  • OS distribution: 56% XP pro, 23% XP personal, 21% others

data from 28.09.2009:

  • active clients: 426

about the WUs

First experience (has to be verified):

  • It seems you can process only one project at a time. Maximum WU amount you can store is 30. Only when the queue is finished, new WUs are received
  • climate prediction WU: takes about 10 mins with 2,66 GHz
  • DES WU: about 6 mins with 2,66 GHz

Client application

There is a client (Kath2Setup.exe) available for Windows here. It contains: KathAgentManager.exe, KathAgentCore.exe, KathAgentUI.exe, KathUpgrade.exe. To use the client you have to register here. Important: input your email first and after you receive the activation code you can continue the registration process. It is recommended to use Firefox for registering (you can copy + paste Korean error messages into a translation service of your choice).

Operating systems

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Published versions



  • to take part in "virtualScreen screening candidate compounds for new drugs" please install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1


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