OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

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OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 01.11.2008 14:12

..genannt. Endlich sind Statistiken verfügbar:
http://stats.distributed.net/team/tlist ... &limit=100

http://stats.distributed.net/participan ... &limit=100

Bis dato sind wir mit ganzen vier Leuten vertreten.


Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 04.11.2008 19:58

Macht mit, über 2 % sind schon geschafft.
Siehe hier: http://stats.distributed.net/project/og ... ject_id=26
ogr-ng@yoyo@home - das wird Zeit. Oder schon nicht mehr?

Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Thommy3 » 04.11.2008 21:36

Yoyo findet vlt am Wochenende Zeit für erste Einbauversuche.
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Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Dennis Kautz » 29.11.2008 18:10

Die ersten 15% sind jetzt geschafft - voraussichtliches Datum für die Beendigung des Projekts ist laut 7-Tages-Durchschnitt der 12.04.2009.

http://stats.distributed.net/project/og ... ject_id=26
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Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 30.11.2008 09:24

frost, die Daten auf der von dir genannten Seite ändern sich täglich.

Laut jasons Seite wäre am 29. April Schluss:

Übrigens gibt es mal wieder neue Clients:

Ich hatte den 507 beta. Einfach die .exe gegen eine neue ausgetauscht, bisherige WUs laufen einfach weiter.

Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby jobo » 31.12.2008 04:32

Aus FAZ.net:

"Ein Lineal der höheren Ordnung"

http://www.faz.net/s/Rub163D8A690801495 ... ntent.html
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Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby yoyo » 31.12.2008 13:54

Allerdings wird die Suche nach OGR-26 nicht, wie am Ende des Artikels beschrieben, mehrere Jahre dauern. Etwa im April wird es feststehen.
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Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 03.01.2009 12:10

Nachdem OGR-26 nun halb fertig ist, gibt es auch endlich Grafiken zu Keyrates:
http://stats.distributed.net/keyrate.php?project_id=26 :o

Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 31.01.2009 09:27

In zwei Wochen etwa ist OGR-NG durch. Ich habe bereits heute das erste Mal keine neuen WUs laden können.

Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 31.01.2009 10:19

:: 29-Jan-2009 03:24 GMT (Thursday) ::

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that we have now completed 75% of the work necessary
to prove OGR-26 is optimal. The project is expected to complete within the next
few weeks, and we have already started preparations towards that project's
successor. More details will be provided in the near future.

As you know, we recently published some pre-release clients that allowed our
early-adopters running high-speed hardware platforms to make use of larger
RC5-72 packets. As a part of this testing, our users have helped us to discover
that there is a bug in our stats tabulation code that counts these larger
packets as only one stats unit. We are fortunate that no stats credit has been
permanently lost. We will be correcting the bug and re-tabulating the affected
logs shortly.

As part of introducing large RC5-72 packets, we needed to update our proxy
systems to handle them. Unfortunately, a bug present in proxy build 346
invalidated a small number of work units by distributing blocks from subspaces
other than "CB". This was spotted and resolved very quickly and we do not
expect that very many users received these invalid RC5-72 packets.

We thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We particularly
appreciate the work of early-adopters that are willing to help us test our
pre-release software and give rapid feedback.

Moo! ]:8)

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Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 15.02.2009 17:36

Wenige Tage noch. Hier und da kommen keine Pakete mehr :-)

Re: OGR-26, auch OGR-NG..

Unread postby Basler » 17.02.2009 18:32

Howdy all,

We are now at 97% complete for OGR-26 and have fewer than 600 thousand
stubs left to go. This will likely take us less than a week, unless
you can round up some more folks to run dnetc on their computers!

As we approach the final days of this project, there will be periods
of time where no OGR-26 work is available from the network. These
occasional periods of unavailability occur because we want to avoid
re-issuing the remaining stubs too many times. This is not a cause for
concern, but if you don't want your client to go idle, you should
verify that RC5-72 is enabled in your configuration files. (It is by

Once we have fully completed OGR-26, we will be able to officially
launch our next project, OGR-27. Since the new project relies on the
proven results of the previous project, we don't want to launch OGR-27
while its predecessor is still in progress.

While we are all waiting for the new project to start, we invite you
to begin preparing your computers to participate in the new project.
To work on OGR-27, you will need to be using the v2.9103 client for
your architecture. If you run a personal proxy, you should upgrade to
build 347. You can find these new versions on our official download
page at http://www.distributed.net/download/

We thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm as we look
forward to this exciting new project.

Moo! ]:8)

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Neue Clients für OGR-27 unter:



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