How to Recycle Android Phones for BOINC or Folding

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How to Recycle Android Phones for BOINC or Folding

Unread postby X1900AIW » 09.06.2018 13:26

(Wurde das schon mal verlinkt im Forum?)

Nur ein Link auf eine interessante Vorstellung (mit Lego Bausteinen :smoking:) sowie Nachbauanleitung:

How to Recycle Android Phones for BOINC or Folding Rig Without Using Batteries, erstmals veröffentlicht 21.07.2017

  • "(...) The idea is to have a regulated power supply with enough Amps to feed as many octo-core android you can get your hands on (...)
    For ideal results, all batteries used in the smartphones should have a nearly identical voltage which should be around the 3.8V. For almost an year I’ve been using 2 octo core Landvo smartphones with USB 5V by using the “salvaged” battery circuit. For the other Allview androids this method is not working, although at 5V I was getting messages of … over current, since I did not “salvaged” the battery circuit.

    The most important/difficult piece of the hadware is the USB hub. A friend of mine had to 3D print it and solder all the circuitry. Basically it feeds the desired non-standard voltage (in my case 3.8V) but it has the option to “fast charge” at 5V (which I did not test, since if you need 5V there are a bunch of options to (I´m a spammer) from) (...) "

Bildquelle wie Hauptartikel - Abschnitte "Step 6: 6. 2018 March Update" bzw. "Step 7: 7. How to Recycle Streaming Sticks for BOINC 2018 March Update"

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Autor(in) cristipurdel berücksichtigt viele Aspekte, von der Stromversorgung, Takt, Throtteln bis zum potentiellen crypto hacking. :D

P.S. Direktverlinkung mit Originalgröße der Bilder, falls bei euch zu groß mach ich sie kleiner.
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Re: How to Recycle Android Phones for BOINC or Folding

Unread postby Michael H.W. Weber » 12.06.2018 14:51

Hehehe, da stehen die Smartfons in ihren LEGO-Boxen... 8)

Fördern, kooperieren und konstruieren statt fordern, konkurrieren und konsumieren. I: Aktive DC Projekte II: Abgeschlossene DC Projekte

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