Can't catch a WU

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Can't catch a WU

Unread postby Aurum » 30.06.2018 01:31

I've had RNA attached to all my BOINC computers for a few months and I've never gotten a WU. I'm running BOINC 7.10.2 with virtualbox64.
Any ideas why not???
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Re: Can't catch a WU

Unread postby gemini8 » 30.06.2018 06:07

There are only very few tasks available which usually all are out in the wild. They're all monsters which run for months or even years.
Sometimes a task crashes or is aborted due to users not knowing about the strange behaviour, necessary precautions and how to deal with all of them (to babysit the task, as Jacob would say), so a task may be available for some minutes before there are no tasks left again because of too many people wanting to get one.
Well, and sometimes a task gets finished as well, so the number of available ones decreases.
I've had RNA World attached to several computers for quite some time and never gotten a WU although I've been running a script to better my chances of getting one.
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Re: Can't catch a WU

Unread postby Kolossus » 30.06.2018 07:46

....which usually all are out in the wild.

Ah, ja, verstehe. Man muß also Großwildjäger sein, um derer habhaft zu werden. In freier Wildbahn.... Image Image
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Re: Can't catch a WU

Unread postby Jacob Klein » 01.07.2018 15:13

Yes. You need to be lucky.

See the Server Status:

Currently there are only 97 tasks, that each take about 1-2 years to successfully complete, and when one fails, it is generally available for only 1-4 minutes before a user gets it.

You have to be lucky, to get one of these monsters.
And when you get one, you should babysit it like it is a family member :-p
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Re: Can't catch a WU

Unread postby robertmiles » 01.07.2018 19:45

Virtualization for one of my computers:

So far, I've found that the CPU supports both virtualization and hyperthreading.

There is a BIOS adjustment program that runs under Windows 10; it offers no way to change the hyperthreading and virtualization settings.

Unlike my last few computers, the boot procedure offers no second BIOS adjustment program that runs before choosing which operating system to boot.

The number of tasks BOINC will run at once indicates that hyperthreading is enabled.

No RNA World VM tasks on this computer so far.

This computer is faster than my other desktop computer, so I'd prefer to run any long VM task on this one if one becomes available.

How can I tell if virtualization is enabled?
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