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FoldIt-Ergebnisse / Rosetta@home publiziert...

Unread postby Michael H.W. Weber » 07.10.2011 19:00

..und zwar mit den Teamnamen in der Autorenliste, was mich enorm gefreut hat! :good:

Crystal structure of a monomeric retroviral protease solved by protein folding game players pp1175 - 1177
Firas Khatib, Frank DiMaio, Foldit Contenders Group, Foldit Void Crushers Group, Seth Cooper, Maciej Kazmierczyk, Miroslaw Gilski, Szymon Krzywda, Helena Zabranska, Iva Pichova, James Thompson, Zoran Popovi?, Mariusz Jaskolski and David Baker
The online game Foldit invites players to solve problems involving protein structure prediction. Now Foldit players have been recruited to work on a modeling problem and ultimately solve the crystal structure of a retroviral protease that had resisted previous determination.
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